Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Why I Left South Africa (Part 3)


Actually, I have forgotten part 3. It's over five years ago and you know what? I'm happy where I am living now in the South East of England. Yes, of course I do keep in touch with South Africa and her demise is ever present in my mind.

But I hope that my previous two posts convince you that I am not a rabid right wing nut.

I did not even mention crime as one of the factors that motivated me to leave (although South Africa is undoubtedly one of the most crime ridden countries in the world) I was simply not a victim of violent crime...Perhaps just by luck?

I don't know...What I do know is that I left for two main reasons:

1) BEE (Affirmative Action) that would have strangulated my (and especially my daughter's) future employment prospects and well being.

2) The NEW SA is based on a lie. The "Rainbow Nation" does not exist. There is no such thing as a "South African". There are whites, blacks, coloureds, Indians, Afrikaners, Boers, Zulus, Xhosa's, Sothos, etc etc etc...Too many to mention, none of which are united or ever will be. It is a shattered, schizophrenic land....We are and always will be separate races and cultures...

I love me separate-ness, my "apart-ness"

So I have returned to the birth land of my Maternal Grandfather, William-John Foley.

Here I will live out the rest of my days.

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