Sunday, 5 June 2011

South Africa's Chances are 50/50 Says Former SA President De Klerk

"The country is balanced between success and failure and the fulcrum on which South Africa's future will pivot is our Constitution. If the forces of history come down on the side of constitutional values we can all look forward to a positive future. However, if the balance tips in the other direction, the consequences for all South Africans could be very dire."

Not the most re-assuring words one would wish to hear from a former president of SA...50/50?....Is that our best bet?

If you were in SA in the late eighties and nineties, this rhetoric will be very familiar...We have always been poised on a fulcrum...Codesa 1 - Codesa 2 - Chris Hani assassinated - Referendum 1992 Yes or No -

De Klerk promised the white minority that if we gave him a mandate YES in 1992, he would ensure that protection of minority white rights would be built into the new constitution...He talked then of "Checks and Balances"

We believed him.

It was a landslide result, whites overwhelmingly voted YES....

We were ready to move on....We were ready to end the chapter of apartheid, and start a new one...


It was a lie.

This chapter is one that is probably where 99% of whites are still stuck at today, frustrated and unable to move on...

You see, we were negotiating with the ANC. Blacks were not ready in the same way we were to say goodbye to the past...For them, the General Election that followed in 1994 was little more than a beach-head...Important ground to claim in the way forward to a much bigger prize. The National Democratic Revolution.

It is my opinion that following the gains of 1994 the ANC has been perpetuating a war of attrition against whites, not necessarily based on race, but on demography. It's a Class War and takes the form of the following:

- Laisses-faire attitude to low grade genocide against rural whites (soft target farmers) and rampant crime in general (jokingly referred to as "affirmative shopping")
- State sanctioned affirmative action (BEE)
- Punitive taxing of the predominantly white middle class (new National health scheme, toll road taxes etc)
- ANC Cadre employment in all spheres of public enterprise
- Diversion of legitimate funds into failed enterprises (Crony "investment and development")
- Beyond Laisses-faire - A "Devil-may-care" attitude to corruption at Presidential level
- Corruption of rule of law
- Actively enabling corrosion of the prosecuting authority
- Glorification of left lunatic fringe elements
- Protection of information bill and censoring of media (Media Tribunal)
- Add your own here....

Whites may still kindle some hope for the future in ZA, having been duped into agreement to abandon race based policies. They thought the blacks had acceded to that. We thought we had a contract in place. Perhaps we were fools, the real revolution, the NDR is now only beginning.

De Klerk got it wrong then, he's getting it wrong now. It's not a 50/50 chance, it's a dead certainty...

The NDR will Triumph.


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