Saturday, 11 June 2011

Parts of England Officially Facing Drought Conditions

This image is typical of the local grassy areas around where I live, and also becoming increasingly common wherever I drive in the South East: Dead, yellow grass, cracked ground that is as hard as a rock and only the weeds seem to be thriving.

I posted a little while ago on the driest, hottest Spring in UK for a Century, and since then, it has not rained much at all. In fact, it now appears that parts of the UK (S.E amongst them) are
Officially facing drought conditions.

This is not what you would have expected in England. It makes me chortle a bit to myself when I remember some spiteful people who have said to me "We don't need you lot here, fuck off and have a miserable time on that wet sponge"

Wet Sponge?

More like BBQ Summer is wot it looks like to me!

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