Saturday, 4 June 2011

Doing London for Fifty Quid on a Saturday

Don't be fooled by the marketing hype or get lured into expensive bus promo's. Just follow Exzanian's pragmatic approach and get yourself an authentic day trip in London for £50 per person!!!!!

OK, I'm taking it from the nearest train station near my home, that happens to be Cressing station in Essex, about 80 miles from London. My wife and myself hop on at 10H00 in the morning. It's a breeze through to Liverpool street station in London in about an hour. We've made sure to buy an all-station-all-day-hop-ticket which costs £35 pp, tubes included.

We buy a pie for brekkies at Liverpool street station, £2,80 each. Then we're on the Holborn tube headed to Piccadilly. Off at Oxford Circus and we're down Regent street thru Westminster to eye of London to St James' Park and past all the statues (too many to name) to Big Ben (not so big) to Parliament square past Nelson Mandela Statue, Winston Churchill etc, then to Buckingham Palace (flag was up!)

Paused for breath and had a cup of tea 'n sandwich (£3,50).....Thennnnn onto Trafalgar square way and then back to Holborn. Catch tube to St Paul's - Magnificent! But no cameras allowed inside...Damn.

We go to a local restaurant right there called the Rouge.

I check my budget...Fuck it, I still have nearly a tenner left!

I buy three beers (£3 each) and that's the end of my £50 quid.

Wife graciously pays for my dinner (free hee-hee)

We head home via Liverpool street station...It's 7 PM, I'm Knackered.

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