Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Poem For The New South Africa

Imagine if
large scale corruption was only an allegation
and not the truth

Imagine if
People voted according to their conscience
and not their skin colour

Imagine if
We were obsessed with ideals
and not ideology

Imagine if
Blacks would be the “bigger man”
and stop playing the race card

Imagine if
Crime was a crime no matter who
and not a racial aspersion

Imagine if
Sincerity had motivated us in the 1992 referendum
and not fear of the future

Imagine if
violent murder shocked not only us
but the politicians too

Imagine if
Meritocracy was the path to promotion
and not “struggle credentials”

Imagine if
I was a real poet and this whole post was a load of total BULLSHIT cooked up without any real talent, forethought or intelligence just like the revamped and thoroughly improved NEW REAL South Africa with rainbows on the edges, silver linings and frilly bits that nobody believes in anymore, we're stuck with the damn thing, lets just get on with it...

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