Sunday, 22 May 2011

Frinton-On-Sea is The Place To Be

The myth that it rains in the UK ALL the time is easily dispelled by two things 1) Living here for a period of time and 2) Living in the South East for that period of time.

Another good thing if you live here (even in the drear Midlands or perish the thought in the even drearer North) is that you are never far away from the sea! At most, a couple of hundred miles of travel is all that is required to spend a day at the sea.

However, for many, such as myself, the sea is only thirty miles away, and in summer, we make the most of it by visiting the local beaches.

One that has become my favourite, is Frinton-On-Sea on the South Eastern Coast. A sleepy, traditional coastal village with a vibrant sea front, fantastic beaches and warm water in July and August. Just a few miles away is another great spot called Clacton-On-Sea. Sometimes we have to flip a coin to decide which one to go to!

The beaches are in fact, far larger than Durban Beach, and there is plenty of space for all and sundry to have a splendid day. From the fun fair to the pub, to the beach...That's the way to do it!

Below are a few pics from last June that I took. Plenty of everything a sun lover could or would ever ask for. As I say, MUCH bigger than Durban beach, as you can plainly see in comparison to the last two pics of Durban beach which I pinched off the Internet....Now why would I want to ever go to Durban again?


Kinda makes my point I think.

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